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Friends of the Metolius invites you to become a part of our efforts to preserve the lasting heritage of the Metolius Basin. Although much of our work relies on volunteer efforts, financial support is needed for legal fees, scientific and land use consultation fees, publication costs, and other expenses. As our membership grows, so does our clout with the public agencies that manage the resources of the Metolius Basin. And as a member, there is the immeasurable satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to securing the future of one of Oregon's finest natural wonders.

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Mt. Jefferson
Metolius River $5000

Becoming a member is easy. Simply complete our Membership Form and mail along with your payment to the address indicated. Please remember to include your email address so that we can alert you in a timely fashion to critical land use issues that require your attention.

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Our activities almost always require the help of members. Whether it's pulling noxious weeds, leading interpretive walks, doing trail maintenance, or working on construction projects around the basin we can use your help. Drop us a note and let us know your interests and when you are available.

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The Metolius
A Living River in Your Hands

An interactive CD providing an aesthetic, historical and scientific exploration of the Metolius Basin 19" x 25" poster by Camp Sherman artist Glenn Corbett A beautifully illustrated booklet of Metolius birds and flowers
$10.00 $6.00 $11.00